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The View From My Front Porch
September 27, 2012, 9:41 pm
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There is a huge black spider web and a tremendously large black spider hovering on the side of my porch wall. I have ghosts hanging, there are various kinds and colors of pumpkins – 15 or so in all lining beautifully around the garden path, while one pumpkin is in a small pirate costume, another pumpkin is in his little Dracula costume. I have four pumpkins that are hallowed out planters filled with plants and Wanda the Witch is in her own mini white wicker chair on the front porch with a basket of gourds on the small table above her. And quietly sleeping in a very special brown box awaiting Hallow’s Eve, lies the zombie who will grab toward the unsuspecting child who wanders too closely, and should they finally reach their destination of the front porch to get their reward of goodies they will make the tall witch in the corner cackle. And all the while the other hanging ghost will be moaning with eyes that will change color while the creepy fog fills the air and causes the stir of confusion to reign.

Yes, I love autumn and Halloween is one of my favorite consumer holidays. Thanksgiving however, being my all time favorite holiday.

I am most excited to use the fog machine. It feels childish to even say that, but I am looking forward to seeing it in action on Halloween night. Halloween is supposed to bring out childlike behavior. I think I am going to be a witch, dressed in black. Surprise!

I just might put some pictures of my pumpkins on here . . . now isn’t that a sexy thought?

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Oh God,I’d love to see the pictures,although you do a fine job describing the scene there.Haloween is just flat out fun,and yes,an opportunity to be a kid again.It gives us time to celebrate the harvest,use our creativity and tip toe past the mysteries and wonder of spirits in other realms…..oh and the candy speaks for itself.Great post Kris

Comment by Rod

Rod, you my dear are so right. Obviously the real celebrations are for the harvest.That beautiful full brighter moon, allowed for their gathering the abundance of harvest to go well into the darker month of October. Then the celebrations could begin. Autumn, with huge round bright orange pumpkins, various delicious squashes, soups, and wines. I just love it. And, lets not forget home made breads! I find harvesting, preparing meals, and baking are so sensuous.

And the spirits! I so wish a real ghost would grace me with an appearance.

Enjoy your autumn sweetie.


Comment by Kris this story made me think of you….fondly Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 03:41:05 +0000 To:

Comment by r u

Well now, that is an interesting thought. I am honored to be the one you thought of in this scenario. What a fantasy. 🙂

Thinking of you,

Comment by Kris

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