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Our Ways
December 19, 2012, 8:34 pm
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I must say I seem to be doing a lot of reflecting over my last year. It is after all that time of year. And we seem to be surrounded, if not bombarded by the memories of the last year and in the process of closing it down, while we are expected to embrace yet another new year, just around the corner. Most memories are a delight to recall, some are truly bittersweet.

For me, for us, in our world here, I thank you. We have a nice combination of reality, fantasy, appreciation, and we have respect for one another.

I thank you.

Plus, aren’t we the lucky ones to also get to enjoy some very hot sexy loving companionship?

I love our ways.

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Well said, Kris. Like “Frank” sang, “I Did It My Way” in this case, we did it “Our Way”. Thank you for another great year with you & for you being “YOU”. Happy, safe & healthy holidays & New Year, 2013.

Big Jimbo

Comment by Big Jimbo

I love when Old blue Eyes sings that song! I tear up almost every time. And yes my dear, happily we did do it our way. My wish for you too – a wonderful and safe 2013 to you and yours. Thank you sweetie.


Comment by Kris

Part of life’s challenges is to have the courage to be yourself.It is not always an easy task.Part of being a model citizen can fall under the whim of someone else or society in general.We are constantly accessing what we ought to be.By embracing unconventional thought,we are on our way to real maturity.Whatever we are or what we become,I really enjoy the freedom that can be found here on your site Kris

Comment by Rod

Thank you sweetie. We all have to wear so many ‘hats’ while we move through our days. It is nice to find a place where we can take it off, simply be ourselves, and relax for a moment.


Comment by Kris

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