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What Makes You Happy?
February 10, 2013, 7:07 am
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That is the first thing I read when I opened my new box.

I received an email and I have been asked to review a product. So, I said sure. It actually sounded fun to be able to try a new kind of vibrator that I honestly had never used before. Who wouldn’t say yes to that offer?

First things first. The box came very discreetly labeled and very plain Jane. That I liked. It’s not that I am embarrassed to receive a stimulating package, but frankly it is not the business of any one else if I do.

Opening the box, I found a very smartly and classy wrapped gift, for me. I actually felt like I was opening a present. The packaging was very nice. Bold feminine colors, just like I like.

Now, how much fun did I have with my new toy?

My package arrived before Christmas, but I wanted to spend a little time with it to see if I really liked it. I wanted to see if it felt good, fit me, fit my needs, and I could enjoy it during my own ‘me’ time, and enjoy it if I am spending time with you. Happily this little gem fit my requirements perfectly. It did fit my body. It did allow me to enjoy some much needed quality ‘me’ time. It came as a pretty gift for me, and it made me feel fabulous.

I know it might sound a little crazy, but I not only on occasion will masturbate with you, but I do enjoy masturbating all by myself. I realize that sounds like all I do is masturbate all day! Truly not the case. I live a busy life like all of you. There can be times when days have gone by and I have not had time to enjoy such solitary hedonistic pleasures. And as I have said many times, I need to take my own advice I share with you. When we masturbate, it is not always about sexual pleasure and release. It is mostly about relaxing, and releasing stress. Our whole body and psyche will react to an orgasm. It rejuvenates our soul when we cum. So bottom line, I think we should all cum as often as we can.

Having said that, try this little pleasure. Yes, possibly for yourself, or as a gift for someone you want to see masturbating more often too.

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It’s a way of giving yourself what you need, when you need it. The way you like it.
Even Freud recommended it.

Comment by Pee Pee Boy

Exactly! Our bodies truly do need it. So, enjoy!!


Comment by Kris

You are so right. Kris. Masturbation is good for the body, mind & soul. No one knows your body & how to make you feel good like you do. It is the best example of “taking matters into your own hands” that I can think of. That includes using toys as well, butt of course.

Big Jimbo

Comment by Big Jimbo

Yes! The mind, body and the soul. Exactly my dear. And, toys enhance everyone’s play. If men are so inclined, I hope they too find what makes them feel good. That is what it is all about.


Comment by Kris

Kris, I’m not sure why, but I found this post very thrilling and sexy (even here at work). Then again, and long ago I stopped trying to analyze what gives me a thrill. Regardless, the thought of you enjoying yourself with your toy, alone or on the phone (with me) just made my day. Cheers!

Comment by Free in AK

You my dear are so right. We sometimes have to let go of trying to understand why things make us feel the way they do. Short of hurting another, we should pursue our own enjoyments, for our own selves sake.


Comment by Kris

I must concur with the earlier blogger,it is hot knowing you found a toy you enjoy by yourself and with others.Sexual needs can be very specific.Everyone is a little different.When a sex toy is a great fit,its a home run for everyone.Thank you for sharing.

Comment by Rod

Very wise words sweetie, and so true. Sex toys are a very personal selection. Being free enough with yourself to use one, or just to masturbate is so important to our health, our hearts, and our sexual health. Just my opinion of course. 🙂 Do enjoy!!


Comment by Kris

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