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Valentines Day
February 16, 2013, 6:55 am
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Well done to me! Damn!

Valentines has cum and gone, yes – pun intended. I had so intended to write on that day of all days. But alas, real life as I always say, does seem to find ways to interfere.

No, we are not Valentines per say. Allow me to explain. I believe that those who touch our lives, become entangled wit us forever. You may cum and go, we may part forever, but we have touched. Therefor, I wish you a Happy Valentines Day. My most sincere wish is for you to be good to your heart. While we are all getting older and there is that awful reality of good fats, bad cholesterol and cardio work outs, I sincerely do wish you good heart health. My own father has had many heart attacks and two open heart surgeries. That is one of the biggest reasons I became vegan. My blood work shows that for a woman of my age, boy I hate that term, my cholesterol is that of a 25 year old. Of course something else will get me, but I feel I made the right healthy heart choice for me.

The ‘other’ wish of mine for you, in being good to your heart, is not only the physical aspect of heart health, but the other important one. Your emotional heart. The one you carry through your life’s journeys. Be good to that heart. We must make the choices that bring that heart happiness. Life is short my dear ones. Seize the moments and opportunities you keep putting off until, …’later’. Take the chances, make the changes, and be brave. Sadly we all know the toxic people we have in our lives. They can drain your life’s blood from you. They put stress on your heart. While there are toxic people are in our lives we cannot always rid ourselves of them. I know. But I urge you, to take a moment for you.

I care about you, and I care for you.

I do hope your Valentines was full of sweet moments. And please, take very good care of your heart.

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Thank you for such a beautiful message. At this stage of my life your words have a powerful and prolific meaning. Kris,God Bless and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Comment by ylbm

Thank you sweetie for your kind words. I know you understand. That tapestry we weave in life, is full of so many colors and stories.


Comment by Kris

Thankfully,chocolate ( a Valentine favorite) is good for your heart,and does wonders for ones disposition,which also improves heart health.Thank you for your sincerity Kris.After having gotten to know you,I know you really do care.

Comment by Rod

And double thanks that chocolate is a delight that can be enjoyed year round. That makes 364 more days that can add to good heart health.

Well, that and masturbating. : )


Comment by Kris

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