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Spring 2013
March 20, 2013, 10:19 am
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It is sure a slow start to spring!

Or perhaps I am overly anxious for it. I feel more than my usual need for the smell of the earth, gardening, lawn mowing, warm rains, flowers blooming in my gardens, fresh veggies and fruits to pick . . . oh my. I need to slow down lest, I get too out of control. We wouldn’t want that now, would we? : )

Now if we are honest, spring is the awakening time for a lot of things. Not only does our earth awake from its long hibernating slumber, but my dear so do we. Our bodies, our rejuvenation of our minds and emotions, and our energy levels. I find that as the plants stretch to reach towards the sun, so do we. We ache for the warmth on our skin, now so grossly put as the need of Vit D. I prefer to have my skin kissed by the sun, lightly.

Last week I saw six robins!!

Less clothing, and more hard work in the yards. That is what I am hungry for.

Happy Spring!! I hope where ever you are, you are beginning to see signs of life.

Now wake up. Enjoy how your beautiful cock is responding to the want of life again, after such a cold and confining winter. : ) Masturbate. Enjoy that feeling of heat, surging through you. It not only feels good physically, remember it rejuvenates the soul. Enjoy!

And, I will look forward to having you.