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Cum What May
November 12, 2013, 1:39 pm
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Boy, do I suck at keeping up with my blog. I hope to hell, I don’t suck quite so much at sucking. ๐Ÿ™‚ Which I do enjoy, as I do so enjoy my writing time, but alas, time for both are desperately lacking in my real life. This will most likely not be my sexiest blog writing.

I am hoping to give you a sense of how crazy and busy my life has been lately. I need you to understand your role and why my time with you is so vital to me. Yes, vital. YOU are my sex life. Quite an admission, and a confession. A true phone sex queen would/should have made up that I am getting fucked every night, having wild orgy parties, (insert panting breath here) threesomes, enjoying women, bondage, and my oh my what I would give to receive a good spanking. The last statement, being genuine.

Reality – Family, relationships and the many layers involved in those two words, our children, our parents, bills, mortgages, homes, home repairs, worries, losing friends, family members, cancer, too many things to do – and never enough time . . . woe, woe, woe.

Another reality – While I will be the first (yep, I’ll say it) to admit that some insane thoughtless family members on a regular basis drive me absolutely batty – but, I do have a family. I have a few genuine relationships in my life, and while they take work to maintain, they are relationships that are dear to me, and worth every second of my commitment to them. I do have a home – and all the belaboring responsibilities that go with it, but I have a home that I love that is mine. I do have worries – every day. Most likely the same ones as you have. I have lost dear friends this last year. But, I do have friends. I hate cancer. It’s random attacks on people that we love, is not a fair war. To stand by watching a family member fight it with a courage and strength that I was humbled to witness and had no idea such resolve and determined fight resided inside such a young body. As a helpless bystander, I am pissed. I am scared. I am numb. I am angry. I have resolved. As only Pooh can say, “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Silly I know, being from Pooh, but it helped. And no, I will never have enough time in my day. Or nights. In a genuine full life there are many joys and great sorrows. At the end of the day, I believe that must mean, I am lucky enough to have a full life.

Our Fantasies – sustain me. You give me a respite from life. Your touches give me hope. You make me feel good. You allow me to make you feel good – and I remember that I can still do that for others.

Now, while I may have made you feel sorry for me – have no pity on me. We all make our choices. I am very happy in my life. I am content. And that is in a huge part because of you. The sexual variety I am so lucky to get with each and every call . . . you truly take me away to a different locale, a different kind of sex, a special moment in time. It is all ours, and ours alone.

We have an all encompassing respect, feelings of want, desire, lust and yes love and care for one another that we share, in our world we make. Thank you.

We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason.

I am the luckiest woman in the world.


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I took a chance today that maybe,just maybe Kris has posted a new blog,with a unique perspective on not just sex but life.I was happy to see that new entry,with an explanation of what your world has been since last March.Perhaps the spirit of the Holidays will help improve the landscape for everyone in your family.I wish the best for the woman that provides so much.

Comment by Rod

Thank you Rod. I am ever cognizant that we all have ‘very’ real lives, going on all around us, while we are entering and enjoying our times together. We both help each other.

Comment by Kris

Welcome back Lady. You were missed.

Comment by ylbm

Thank you my dearest . . . I love being missed. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Kris

What I enjoy most about reading your blog is your insights, perspective and honesty. The same traits you bring to our conversations. I always feel I can open up to you and be comfortable sharing my thoughts and emotions. I feel lucky to have crossed paths with you.

Comment by Pee Pee Boy

Thank you sweetie. You are definitely getting the real me, when we spend time together. But, I want the real you as well, so we must both be as honest as we can at that moment in time.

Comment by Kris

Great new blog, Kris & welcome back, your postings were very missed. You are so right about our real lives, families, the day to days things we all do, etc. Maybe that is what makes our fantasies so erotic & special?

Big Jimbo

Comment by Big Jimbo

That my dear friend, is exactly why our fantasies are so erotic and special. I treasure them.


Comment by Kris

Well said, my delayed response to this blog and to your nice thoughts, echo the craziness of life…but we would have it no other way….let’s both help each other escape…soon…..:-)

I miss and enjoy you…


Comment by Chris

Thank you for understanding ‘real’ life interruptions. YOU definitely would. So love the idea of ‘escape’…nice to anticipate.

My dear, I miss and enjoy you too.


Comment by Kris

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