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The Impulse of the Cock…
July 26, 2014, 3:38 pm
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…can be more viscous when not taken care of, than even women can be with one another.

While I am busy with real life, and truly simply cannot take every call, know, I appreciate your understanding. But, I have had some new ones, and sadly for them, their timing could not have been worse. It was while I had family visiting.
Their behavior shows that they are not going to be the kind of man I want to spend my precious time with. Yes I said precious, as I have learned even more harshly recently, that the way we spend our time, who we spend our time with, and the choices we make with our time can be more important than anything else we do.
I have enjoyed my chosen profession for over 13 years. If you and I have known one another for any length of time, you know me. As I know you. I am yours. I am sexy. 🙂 I try hard to understand and know you, I try hard to be there when you need me, I care very much about pleasing you, and I do sincerely enjoy our time together.
And I am thankful for everyone of you I ‘connect’ with. You are a treasure to me, and my life. You give me what I need. You fulfill all the sexual parts in me that need to be fed.

So, forgive me, this once – Just a rant…Sometimes even the best of women have things to get off their chests. 🙂

Real Life
July 23, 2014, 3:21 pm
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My oh my, but if we, OK I, could just live in the world of fantasy. You can make up your own rules, and no one gets hurt nor feels pain – unless wanted of course.

Your needed and desired lovers as if by your simply imagining them, they appear to care for you on command. Or they allow you to care for them, sweetly or harshly as my mood will dictate, but always allowing me my much needed and hungry outlets to be appeased.

Yes, real life. While it does allow for wonderful experiences, it can also carry with it many challenges.

I do miss my freedom and my availabilities to you, and our desires of the moment. Hence I always called your needs, the impulse of the cock. Eerily they always seemed to match my needs at any given moment.

My sincere apologies that I have had to answer the calls of real life on a much more continuous basis than I am able to answer your calls. I have not quit, stopped, grown tired, nor am I ignoring anyone. As they say, it is all in the timing. I have been able to speak with many, and yet for two or three nights or days, while no one calls, then it seems that all hell breaks loose…and all are in need at once. Such is the luck of the dice.

Know I am still here. Know that I want you. Know that I too still need this. Perhaps it is now more than ever, that I have the deeper need for your contact. But, when I am free, I cannot reach out to you. I must wait until I am asked for, and I hope that the erotic timing is in our favor.

I am sorry for any frustrations, other than those planned, that I have caused. You are very important to me, and I know that you know that.