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June 4, 2015, 7:09 am
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June is here. Half of our year has come and is going…

June, when all the seedlings you expect to see come to life are all carefully plotted and planted, and you are lovingly tending to them, watching as they grow, stretch and begin to give to you. The truest vision of the fruits of your labor.

You do realize that as you masturbate you are lovingly tending to yourself. Learning about you, relaxing yourself, and nourishing yourself.

Allow the month of June to reclaim your sexual self, and feed it. Nourish it. Embrace it.

Winter is done. And the colder weather is mostly over. Summer is a glorious time of blooming.

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Wow, Kris the month of June has never sounded so sensual, erotic & sexy hot. Thanks for sharing your vision of June with us.

Big Jimbo

Comment by Big Jimbo

The plants are stretching towards the sun, and getting bigger and bigger…. 🙂

Comment by Kris

Masturbation is self realization combined with auto-erotic fantisization while enjoying relaxation. It usually results an amount of ejaculation from applied manual stimulation and genital agitation.

Not to be rude, but I do it in the nude with a level of feminization from her inspiration. It takes some concentration mixed with experimentation and erotic conversation during her personal visitation.

Let her apply some lotion that warms with your motion increasing emotion. In times like this lust is a bust, and trust is a must while sharing the experience and allowing her some variance.

When she sees you in the groove your relationship improves. Intimacy and openess go hand in hand, each time she sees you going hand to gland.

Comment by Pee Pee Boy

Quite the lyrical and whimsical visual my dear. I love your obedience…

Comment by Kris

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