The Phone Courtesan


What will this blog be about? I feel I owe all readers an apology in advance…only for fear of having any of our opinions misunderstood in this venue. The majority of these posts will of course be of an erotic or sexual nature, as that is my livelihood, and I believe a very central part of us all. But, you may also be subjected to my many thoughts and opinons from political, family, the news of the day, and the few varied personal experiences that we all encounter daily.
The wonderful thing about blogs is – choice. You do not have to read them or respond to them. Long live the first amendment.
Having claimed the blog disclaimer, please know, I look forward to our exchanges. Differing opinions and thoughts allow us to step outside of ‘our’ box, enabling us to learn, to listen, to respect one another and to be heard.
As you encounter each persons private, intimate and heartfelt journey in writing their blog, enjoy.

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What a fantastic site and business. So smart in every way. I am so happy that you recognize (and your followers recognize) the inherent erotic link between intelligence and sexuality as well as the enhancement it brings to one’s life. Bravo. I would LOVE to do what you do with your same enthusiasm, freedom confidence and aplomb! xoPP

Comment by Princess Polysemy

I thank you for your kind words. Speaking of well done sites, Bravo to you young lady. = )
Yours is beautifully and tastefully done.


Comment by Kris

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