The Phone Courtesan


Yes, I did say your personal phone companion. Does that make me a perfect match for everyone? Not likely. The word companion should tell you I will be a different experience. Let me explain. We live in a complicated world. For many reasons phone sex is an appealing practice.

There are many levels of phone play. If you’ve enjoyed a phone call in the past and your outcome was, shall we say successful, you must have hung up satisfied. There are after all hundreds of services that can accomplish that.

I offer you a level of phone play that is designed to give you more than just that momentary satisfaction. Have you ever been pampered by your phone lover? I believe I give back a very natural, intelligent, sexy, fun and genuine service. I strive to deliver a quality product to a very select client base. My hope is you would find my service to be unlike any other that you may have used or are currently using. There will be no third party involvements between us.

Please, if your only goal is to masturbate and orgasm, save your money. You can do that on your own and for much cheaper. Most likely you have for years. If on the other hand, you would like share an encounter with your own personal phone companion, we may be a good match for one another.

~I care about your journey. I enjoy this, and I want to enjoy it with you.

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Oh my goodness….. Kris you are a gift to me. I would tell anybody, or answer any guestions, You are the best thing I have found on the internet, forget all the xxx porn, webcams,streaming, whatever, every person needs to talk to another person, that is where life comes together. Kris is an experience, I really hate to share, but know, she is a gifted woman, who I highly respect and love. I hope this blog reaches the right people. Thanks Kris love Richard

Comment by Richard


Comment by Richard

Would really like to experience the kris and all she has to offer.

Comment by Paul

Paul –
As you know, I would love for us to connect.

It is now up to you –

Enjoy your weekend. : )


Comment by Kris

I’m really intrigued. I’ve had rich relationships with people on the phone, and Kris’ description reminded me of some of the warmest moments I’ve had, playing, ‘wasting’ time with someone else I will never meet, but know better than my neighbours. The imagination has few limits, and the power of two of them in tandem…. Yes, I’m really intrigued.

Comment by Tom


Thank you. Yes, you are so right. Knowing that you will never be meeting each other, but knowing that you know things about them that the very people they sleep next to each night do not, is so very erotic and so very precious to me. I am glad you are intrigued.


Comment by Kris

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