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Sex is a conversation

I hope I will be hearing from you soon. We all have a lot of different moods and I know we live in a world with many choices at our fingertips. I hope to be considered as one of your choices when you are in the mood to treat yourself to my kind of service.

I will only respond to serious inquiries. Please note that I do not reply to emails with obscene or derogative language. If after reading my information you would like me to contact you, please email me. Share with me your age, work, hobbies, interests, how you came across my web site, and any secret desires if you wish. I am excited to get to know you.

Thank you for visiting with me. I look forward to my experience with you.

Email me:
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Please bear with me. Of course we are all busy. If your response to me was sincere, I promise you, I will reply.

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I ran across you site from a friend on Yahoo. It really intrigued me. I enjoy spending time on the phone having a good conversation whether it be erotic or not. Hope to hear from you. pPaul.

Comment by paul


I am thankful your friend shared me with you.
I would enjoy a chance at getting to know you better. Please email me privately.


Comment by Kris

A long time ago we spoke. 39 yr old afraid of intimacy but i crave it. Im starving. Msg me or mail

Comment by Joseph


Please send me an email at

Lets see if we can’t pickup where you left off. Intimacy is a precious commodity, that is treasured and needed by all of us.

I will look forward to hearing from you.


Comment by Kris

Hi Kris – thank you for writing so candidly about your life. I’ve just started my foray into the adult industry and I’ve hit a snag – how on earth do you file taxes? Do you know of a resource I can pick up to help me decipher this?


Comment by Rosalynd


Thank you so much for your comment. : ) I have emailed you privately, and I hope you will find the information useful. I love my tax lady, and could not live with out her. : )

Take good care, and I wish you the best of luck.


Comment by Kris

Could you contact me to see possible connection?

Comment by T

Hi there ‘T’

Have you emailed me? The best place to reach me is at

I apologize for such a late response – but perhaps we have all ready connected.

Tell me about you.


Comment by Kris

Hi Kris, I must say that I’m envious of the snow storm that has arrived in your area tonight.How delightful to have a storm just before Christmas.Lots of people here were hoping for a white Christmas.Enjoy it.It really does brighten the landscape.

Comment by Rod

Oh my gosh! Is it ever beautiful! It is supposed to be a good storm, and so far is giving us its all. And on top of it, White Christmas, one of my all time favorite sappy holiday movies – talk about fantasy land, : ) is on. So, I am happy.


Comment by Kris

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