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May of course means Masturbation Month
May 18, 2015, 10:59 am
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My oh my it has been far too long since I have unleashed on my own blog. Is it because I am getting older, or damn, is time that fleeting?

May is Masturbation Month.

I have been fortunate to work in the sex and sexy world for over 14 years. As the years have moved on, so have I and my gentleman. I have enjoyed many of you since the beginning of my sex career. Frankly, even as new gentleman have joined with me, they are of the older more mature persuasion. Which if you know me that is what I want, as that is what I myself am. I find it is a good match together. Let me take this opportunity here to let you know that is one of the many reasons I do not do web cams. Quit asking me to. So many people out there do. Go find them.

I will be blunt. Gee, what a surprise, right? 🙂 You go through changes, as do I. It has been interesting to witness not only in my body, but to observe the sexual aging process that all of us go through. Some libidos haven’t changed, while some have even increased. Some libidos, have gone way down. Your body simply does not respond any more as your brain is wanting it to. It is not indicative of your desires changing, just your bodies lack of reaction to those desires. It is frustrating and can be confusing. I am not telling you anything you don’t know.  But, perhaps it may be a time where we can slow down, breathe deeply and enjoy the sensuousness of the moment. We are older. Our family needs, stresses and responsibilities have changed, and will affect us as well. In some ways it sucks getting older. 🙂  In some ways I embrace it. This getting older crap has meant I will have a more profound experience with my sex life. If it is less often, it is more important to me to make those fewer moments count. To stop and feel the care, the intimacy, the moment for what it is. Yes, to literally stop and smell the roses. It is not just the fuck, bump and grind. All though that is nice too.  It is the moment at hand that matters. It is the touch, the words, the visuals I can paint for me, or my partner. We may find that we need to be more active and participate in different ways we had not before.

Masturbation month. Your own private touch is the time that you allow yourself to slowly feel arousal. Feel it, own it, and let it subside. Remember, arousal is not an invitation to hurry and just cum. Let the arousal you created slip away. Then allow it to rear it’s head again, later that day or the next day. Arousal is an erotic and beautiful journey to allow your body to feel and sweetly ache. Try building anticipation and letting it simmer in you. Tease yourself. Let that arousal build in you. Play with your body. Listen to your body. Listen to your erection. Listen to your cock.

And, I will look forward to enjoying you.

August 9, 2010, 3:54 pm
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A few questions and thoughts . . .

So, how does a good spanking make you feel? How does the sound of spanking make you feel? How does the sting make you feel? How does it make you feel if you are the one spanking? How does it feel to see the the bottom turn red; either your bottom or someone else? How does it make you feel if you are the one being spanked? Do you like to watch others being spanked? Does it make you excited to anticipate a spanking?   

I’m just wondering about the varying feelings and desires for spankings.  Or, did I just turn you off by the very thought of a good playful erotic spanking? = ) I find spanking very sensuous.

Spanking makes me wet.

The Kiss

I love my work. How lucky am I to experience such passion, daily. I love knowing that I am able to touch inside a man’s private thoughts as I do. One of my many desires is to make sure that my touch passes to the very core of you. I do want to be the one, that in our moment together on the phone, can take your breath away. I want those forbidden places to become mine.

One would think that in reaching into those places, that we are sharing the epitome of intimacy, of connection, and of touch. And yes, in so many ways we surpass those places. In actuality this private venue of the phone, allows for an even deeper penetration into those secret places that we all hold deep within. I enjoy the unveiling, and the sometimes sweet torturous process it takes to find you.

My time with you is complete and so very, very satisfying and fulfilling for me, on a myriad of levels. I am absolutely renewed as I know I have brought you down the path that you need. Your journey is so important to me.

So, what do I sometimes miss in all of this?

I miss the kiss.

I love kissing.

I miss the anticipation of the kiss.

If you have ever experienced the kind of kiss that takes your breath away, that makes your heart stop, that makes your head spin, then you know what I am talking about. And, there are no words to describe that.

There are so many kinds of kisses.

I miss the kiss.

Pleasure Delayed, is Pleasure Enhanced

Story tellers know this to be true. There is a master story teller who comes to my mind. One who has captivated me since my childhood. He is so subtle about weaving the suspense around you. You listen, and you watch. You look for clues. You know his style. As each of his stories unfolds before you, he has all the answers right there. The clues are begging for you to discover them and feel the direction he is leading you in. There are the predictable moments, during which you feel secure and even have a sense of satisfaction in yourself, because you now think you have it figured out. You see the layout, you see his plan. But then, an unfamiliar even scary change of events takes place. It is a new twist. He suddenly takes you down a different path. It is unfamiliar territory to the story, but it is exciting and arousing. You begin to realize this is not going to be your typical ‘who done it’ movie. You need to pay better attention. You find his unveiling of human behavior looking right through you. There are some behaviors you recognize and embrace. There are some behaviors you know you would never participate in. And then there is that murky area of human behavior.

His work thrills me. It is not the “BOO” jump out at you, kind of scare. He builds a slow, questioning kind of fear that stirs all of the fears and worries we bury deep inside of us. He engages me. He makes me think. He makes me wonder. Mostly, he allows for my participation. I love his mind. He had a saying that explains his philosophy, beautifully.

“There is no terror in the bang. Only in the anticipation of it.” ~ Alfred Hitchcock

And now with you, it is that very philosophy I try to weave around us. We have all learned from early on, about the anticipations in life. We look forward to certain things, every day. In our time together, I want you to not only look forward to the obvious outcome that you and I will share, but I want you to truly ache with the anticipation. Through the ache there is great pleasure . . . and all though the pleasure is slowly and carefully delayed, you will learn that the pleasure is enhanced.

~ Pleasure delayed, is pleasure enhanced ~