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May of course means Masturbation Month
May 18, 2015, 10:59 am
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My oh my it has been far too long since I have unleashed on my own blog. Is it because I am getting older, or damn, is time that fleeting?

May is Masturbation Month.

I have been fortunate to work in the sex and sexy world for over 14 years. As the years have moved on, so have I and my gentleman. I have enjoyed many of you since the beginning of my sex career. Frankly, even as new gentleman have joined with me, they are of the older more mature persuasion. Which if you know me that is what I want, as that is what I myself am. I find it is a good match together. Let me take this opportunity here to let you know that is one of the many reasons I do not do web cams. Quit asking me to. So many people out there do. Go find them.

I will be blunt. Gee, what a surprise, right? 🙂 You go through changes, as do I. It has been interesting to witness not only in my body, but to observe the sexual aging process that all of us go through. Some libidos haven’t changed, while some have even increased. Some libidos, have gone way down. Your body simply does not respond any more as your brain is wanting it to. It is not indicative of your desires changing, just your bodies lack of reaction to those desires. It is frustrating and can be confusing. I am not telling you anything you don’t know.  But, perhaps it may be a time where we can slow down, breathe deeply and enjoy the sensuousness of the moment. We are older. Our family needs, stresses and responsibilities have changed, and will affect us as well. In some ways it sucks getting older. 🙂  In some ways I embrace it. This getting older crap has meant I will have a more profound experience with my sex life. If it is less often, it is more important to me to make those fewer moments count. To stop and feel the care, the intimacy, the moment for what it is. Yes, to literally stop and smell the roses. It is not just the fuck, bump and grind. All though that is nice too.  It is the moment at hand that matters. It is the touch, the words, the visuals I can paint for me, or my partner. We may find that we need to be more active and participate in different ways we had not before.

Masturbation month. Your own private touch is the time that you allow yourself to slowly feel arousal. Feel it, own it, and let it subside. Remember, arousal is not an invitation to hurry and just cum. Let the arousal you created slip away. Then allow it to rear it’s head again, later that day or the next day. Arousal is an erotic and beautiful journey to allow your body to feel and sweetly ache. Try building anticipation and letting it simmer in you. Tease yourself. Let that arousal build in you. Play with your body. Listen to your body. Listen to your erection. Listen to your cock.

And, I will look forward to enjoying you.

Valentines Day
February 16, 2013, 6:55 am
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Well done to me! Damn!

Valentines has cum and gone, yes – pun intended. I had so intended to write on that day of all days. But alas, real life as I always say, does seem to find ways to interfere.

No, we are not Valentines per say. Allow me to explain. I believe that those who touch our lives, become entangled wit us forever. You may cum and go, we may part forever, but we have touched. Therefor, I wish you a Happy Valentines Day. My most sincere wish is for you to be good to your heart. While we are all getting older and there is that awful reality of good fats, bad cholesterol and cardio work outs, I sincerely do wish you good heart health. My own father has had many heart attacks and two open heart surgeries. That is one of the biggest reasons I became vegan. My blood work shows that for a woman of my age, boy I hate that term, my cholesterol is that of a 25 year old. Of course something else will get me, but I feel I made the right healthy heart choice for me.

The ‘other’ wish of mine for you, in being good to your heart, is not only the physical aspect of heart health, but the other important one. Your emotional heart. The one you carry through your life’s journeys. Be good to that heart. We must make the choices that bring that heart happiness. Life is short my dear ones. Seize the moments and opportunities you keep putting off until, …’later’. Take the chances, make the changes, and be brave. Sadly we all know the toxic people we have in our lives. They can drain your life’s blood from you. They put stress on your heart. While there are toxic people are in our lives we cannot always rid ourselves of them. I know. But I urge you, to take a moment for you.

I care about you, and I care for you.

I do hope your Valentines was full of sweet moments. And please, take very good care of your heart.

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