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May of course means Masturbation Month
May 18, 2015, 10:59 am
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My oh my it has been far too long since I have unleashed on my own blog. Is it because I am getting older, or damn, is time that fleeting?

May is Masturbation Month.

I have been fortunate to work in the sex and sexy world for over 14 years. As the years have moved on, so have I and my gentleman. I have enjoyed many of you since the beginning of my sex career. Frankly, even as new gentleman have joined with me, they are of the older more mature persuasion. Which if you know me that is what I want, as that is what I myself am. I find it is a good match together. Let me take this opportunity here to let you know that is one of the many reasons I do not do web cams. Quit asking me to. So many people out there do. Go find them.

I will be blunt. Gee, what a surprise, right? 🙂 You go through changes, as do I. It has been interesting to witness not only in my body, but to observe the sexual aging process that all of us go through. Some libidos haven’t changed, while some have even increased. Some libidos, have gone way down. Your body simply does not respond any more as your brain is wanting it to. It is not indicative of your desires changing, just your bodies lack of reaction to those desires. It is frustrating and can be confusing. I am not telling you anything you don’t know.  But, perhaps it may be a time where we can slow down, breathe deeply and enjoy the sensuousness of the moment. We are older. Our family needs, stresses and responsibilities have changed, and will affect us as well. In some ways it sucks getting older. 🙂  In some ways I embrace it. This getting older crap has meant I will have a more profound experience with my sex life. If it is less often, it is more important to me to make those fewer moments count. To stop and feel the care, the intimacy, the moment for what it is. Yes, to literally stop and smell the roses. It is not just the fuck, bump and grind. All though that is nice too.  It is the moment at hand that matters. It is the touch, the words, the visuals I can paint for me, or my partner. We may find that we need to be more active and participate in different ways we had not before.

Masturbation month. Your own private touch is the time that you allow yourself to slowly feel arousal. Feel it, own it, and let it subside. Remember, arousal is not an invitation to hurry and just cum. Let the arousal you created slip away. Then allow it to rear it’s head again, later that day or the next day. Arousal is an erotic and beautiful journey to allow your body to feel and sweetly ache. Try building anticipation and letting it simmer in you. Tease yourself. Let that arousal build in you. Play with your body. Listen to your body. Listen to your erection. Listen to your cock.

And, I will look forward to enjoying you.

Real Life
July 23, 2014, 3:21 pm
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My oh my, but if we, OK I, could just live in the world of fantasy. You can make up your own rules, and no one gets hurt nor feels pain – unless wanted of course.

Your needed and desired lovers as if by your simply imagining them, they appear to care for you on command. Or they allow you to care for them, sweetly or harshly as my mood will dictate, but always allowing me my much needed and hungry outlets to be appeased.

Yes, real life. While it does allow for wonderful experiences, it can also carry with it many challenges.

I do miss my freedom and my availabilities to you, and our desires of the moment. Hence I always called your needs, the impulse of the cock. Eerily they always seemed to match my needs at any given moment.

My sincere apologies that I have had to answer the calls of real life on a much more continuous basis than I am able to answer your calls. I have not quit, stopped, grown tired, nor am I ignoring anyone. As they say, it is all in the timing. I have been able to speak with many, and yet for two or three nights or days, while no one calls, then it seems that all hell breaks loose…and all are in need at once. Such is the luck of the dice.

Know I am still here. Know that I want you. Know that I too still need this. Perhaps it is now more than ever, that I have the deeper need for your contact. But, when I am free, I cannot reach out to you. I must wait until I am asked for, and I hope that the erotic timing is in our favor.

I am sorry for any frustrations, other than those planned, that I have caused. You are very important to me, and I know that you know that.


My goodness. What a Saturday.

All I wanted to do was a little research on spanking.

I came across a lovely little blog, that certainly meets my approval of spanking. Not only are the pictures beautiful, but they are from the good old days. I love how the bodies of women in those vintage days proudly display the upturned beautiful plump bottom. A real woman.

Then before you know it, I am in my bedroom with my jeans down, and my fleece off, and I find myself masturbating with my toys to the most delicious spanking fantasy.

So, go ahead, and look it over. Perhaps you will enjoy your own spanking fantasy. Perhaps you and I can even talk about it in the future.

You know what a good listener I am.

Boy, did I need that.

Garden Porn

I recently read an article titled ‘Garden Porn’. It was a cutesy and fun article. It made me begin to think about my garden in a sexual way. I have always felt my gardening was a very special and erotic, intimate time to spend with nature. So, last weekend, I began to assess what I have going on in my garden. Should I divulge all the secret seductions of my garden? No, of course not. No good gardener would. A few secrets are always good, mysterious and it keeps people wondering about you.

My own garden is doing very well. I container garden everything except my raspberries, and some crookneck squash that I just added to the garden ground this weekend.

In containers – I have tons of herbs – basil – purple, Greek and Siam, lemon and lime thyme, marjoram, red veined and lemon sorrel, lavender, french lavender, french and Texas tarragon, chives, parsley-flat, curly and Italian, dill, celery top leaves, oregano, lemon balm, violets, and sage.

Containers – Lettuces, kale and Swiss chard.

Containers – Tomatoes – 2 grape plants, 4 tumbler tomatoes – 2 red, 2 yellow, 4 husky gold tomato plants, 6 red robin dwarf tomato plants, 2 large patio tomato plants and 1 Roma tomato plant.

Containers – 4 Blueberry Bushes -2 misty blue and 2- jubilee

Containers – Peppers – 4 mild jalapeno, 2 orange bell, 2 red bell, 2 islander purple bells, 1 holy mole, 1 Jamaican hot chocolate and 2 Anaheim.

Containers – 4 fairy tale eggplant, burgundy and green beans, 6 cucumber plants and 3 soybean plants.

Container – strawberries – that have spilled over beautifully and planted all around the whiskey barrel.

In the ground – Two crookneck squash plants in the ground, just to try – as I ran out of large containers. = )

And my raspberries are in the ground – taking over!! This is my third year with them, and they are truly exploding this year!

All gardens carry with them their own set of Garden Spells. All herbs are grown for a reason. I love the combination I can create for very special breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, baking, you name it. I am thrilled when people eat what I create and can’t quite put their finger on the herb they are tasting. Call me crazy, but I find that kind of seduction with taste adds an erotic zest to life.

A walk through my garden will allow you to savor the scents of flowers, herbs, dirt, sun and summer. Your eyes will see the color, the different sizes of arrangements, and the life that is moving all around us. You will find yourself drawn to wanting to touch and feel the budding hard peppers, the long hard green beans, plump tomatoes and the very soft ripe raspberries. And each plant will carry their own essence of soul and spirit. Your eyes, through your memories will tell you how they will taste. You know if it will be sweet or spicy. You know the ways you would contemplate tasting the delights of the garden. Sometimes it might be in it’s raw and natural form, and sometimes you will taste my garden in a very special combination of flavors that slowly marinate and marry with one another before devouring.

A garden is a constant work in progress. It is always asking to be taken care of. A garden is the most natural form of seduction. And a good gardener knows how to tend to it.

The Kiss

I love my work. How lucky am I to experience such passion, daily. I love knowing that I am able to touch inside a man’s private thoughts as I do. One of my many desires is to make sure that my touch passes to the very core of you. I do want to be the one, that in our moment together on the phone, can take your breath away. I want those forbidden places to become mine.

One would think that in reaching into those places, that we are sharing the epitome of intimacy, of connection, and of touch. And yes, in so many ways we surpass those places. In actuality this private venue of the phone, allows for an even deeper penetration into those secret places that we all hold deep within. I enjoy the unveiling, and the sometimes sweet torturous process it takes to find you.

My time with you is complete and so very, very satisfying and fulfilling for me, on a myriad of levels. I am absolutely renewed as I know I have brought you down the path that you need. Your journey is so important to me.

So, what do I sometimes miss in all of this?

I miss the kiss.

I love kissing.

I miss the anticipation of the kiss.

If you have ever experienced the kind of kiss that takes your breath away, that makes your heart stop, that makes your head spin, then you know what I am talking about. And, there are no words to describe that.

There are so many kinds of kisses.

I miss the kiss.

Stimulus Package
April 16, 2008, 7:28 pm
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Offer the people a Stimulus Package. Now, why didn’t I ever think of that? It does sound comforting, erotic and sensual. I may have to look into this new marketing idea. After all, if it’s being offered to us from our government, then surely it was designed with only the best of intentions.

Stimulus Package – what a concept.

I do hope you are able to sit back, relax and when it comes, just enjoy your Stimulus Package.

February 26, 2007, 10:56 pm
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Intense moments are the groundwork for memory, fantasy and legend.

Fantasy ~ playful imagination, a daydream satisfying some desire, illusion, fiction…

I think you get the idea.

Personally, I love fantasy. It is always perfect. I am the one who owns my fantasy. I allow it to lead me. I design the set and the scenery. I experience the senses. I allow my desires and the feelings of my fantasies to flow from me. I get to be the artist. I get to paint the canvas. I can make changes, each and every time. It is all made of my perception, my need of the moment. It is my personal solo journey. I don’t have to explain my desires to anyone. I risk nothing in fantasy, and may even gain a deeper understanding of myself.

I realize that fantasies are very private and intimate. After all, how often do we really share with another what we honestly think about when we masturbate?

I feel so honored when someone trusts their fantasy with me. Some fantasies derive from our real life past experiences and have remained so vivid and intense in our memories. They are comfortable and erotic. We can return to them and we can count on them, knowing in advance the pleasure the release will provide us. Some fantasies are new to us, and we can safely make them a bit more daring and dangerous.

There are no limits in our fantasies.