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Ingredients for Sex
September 29, 2007, 7:49 am
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Monday was one of my favorite kind of days. It was very dark, cold, and windy with intermittent rain and even sleet. It was an early showing of what is to come. I do believe fall and winter is when I bloom. It was the kind of day when you drink coffee and tea all day. You wear your comfy favorite, never out of the house fleece, drag out your slipper socks from the back of the drawers, and embrace the cold, wet darkness.

I love cooking and baking. Well before I was born, my grandmother owned and ran a restaurant in Nebraska. I have a secret fantasy of owning a bed and breakfast, in a small town. Perhaps it is in the blood. It cannot be denied.

I pride myself on keeping a well stocked pantry, just for these kinds of days or moods, that lend themselves to me. Cold dark days, mean soup. I was craving this new recipe I found for Vegetarian Vietnamese Curry Soup. Let me know, I will happily pass on the recipe to you. And no, you would not have found this soup on the menu in my grandmother’s Nebraska farmland restaurant. But then, as I have grown I have discovered that there are many ways, I am not like my grandmother.

As I gathered my ingredients for my soup – olive oil, white onion, garlic cloves, ginger root, curry powder, lemon zest, green pepper, carrots, cremini mushrooms, vegetable broth, bay leaf, sea salt, red potatoes, lite coconut milk and fresh cilantro – I was sensing the important role each ingredient would play in my soup. Cooking is an art. In cooking, the ingredients may be key – but not so much the amounts. If you take one of those ingredients away, you could lose a flavor that is essential to the whole experience of the soup. You can however, add more or less – to enhance the experience. Not a lover of ginger? Use less. Do you find recipes can never add enough garlic? Add more. In cooking you can take spice away or make it as spicy as your palate can handle.

It was also the day to have the oven on. Baking gives you it’s own rewards. If you fail, it is a true failure. You cannot make bread rise, if you kill the yeast, nor can you make the insides of a raw cake bake, if the whole time the oven has been too hot. Oh, and factor into this the differences with sea level and high altitude baking. Baking is a science. You do not get to have such a free reign of choices, as in cooking. The flours, sugars, baking soda and powder, yeasts and salts – all need to work together, and with the temperature of your oven. I love the challenge. While the soup was cooking I made two Happy Winter Fudge Cakes – based on the children story. Remember, I was a nanny for 27 years.

I got to thinking – another joy of cooking, as it allows one time to ponder. The qualities of being a nanny, assembling the special ingredients, caring how the flavors meld together, and being careful how the baking ingredients work together – all made me think of the special ingredients for sex.

Remember, I all ready told you, I wasn’t quite like my grandmother. That said, it does make me wonder what my grand daughter will look back and think about me.

When I enjoy a phone partner – I begin to assemble the ingredients, that he likes. Sometimes it’s the baking ingredients. I like knowing the specifics of what he likes, what he needs to hear and has to have – all so he can rise. I enjoy the special ingredients that are needed for each recipe. For each person. And I am so happy, that each is so very different. Sometimes I get to assemble the soup ingredients. Yes, there are some staple ingredients that are required – but I get to play around with the spice level. Sometimes a cooler, cream based soup is needed – as he may need care, nurturing and love – more so than another time. Sometimes I get to make it as hot and as wild as the hottest peppers and curries I can find. And I am so happy, that each is so very different.

I am a lucky woman. I get to cook and bake everyday. Even when it isn’t dark and cold outside. As I said, I pride myself on keeping a well stocked pantry.