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Moving and Spanking
May 6, 2012, 8:53 am
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Now just how do those two go together in my mind??

Moving is not sexy – no two ways about it. It is tiring, and back breaking work. it is emotionally exhausting, etc. etc. etc!

Why is it so hot to think that all the times I am bent over picking up boxes, or rifling through them that it would be so lovely to have a little swat placed on my plump bottom?

I must admit, masturbating is such a lovey stress releaser!! I sleep better and awake ready to face another mound of boxes. And oh how I wish for another round of spanking on my round behind. Just to feel the jiggle and that sweet sting left behind after a nice set of swats.

Long live fantasy!!


My goodness. What a Saturday.

All I wanted to do was a little research on spanking.

I came across a lovely little blog, that certainly meets my approval of spanking. Not only are the pictures beautiful, but they are from the good old days. I love how the bodies of women in those vintage days proudly display the upturned beautiful plump bottom. A real woman.

Then before you know it, I am in my bedroom with my jeans down, and my fleece off, and I find myself masturbating with my toys to the most delicious spanking fantasy.

So, go ahead, and look it over. Perhaps you will enjoy your own spanking fantasy. Perhaps you and I can even talk about it in the future.

You know what a good listener I am.

Boy, did I need that.

August 9, 2010, 3:54 pm
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A few questions and thoughts . . .

So, how does a good spanking make you feel? How does the sound of spanking make you feel? How does the sting make you feel? How does it make you feel if you are the one spanking? How does it feel to see the the bottom turn red; either your bottom or someone else? How does it make you feel if you are the one being spanked? Do you like to watch others being spanked? Does it make you excited to anticipate a spanking?   

I’m just wondering about the varying feelings and desires for spankings.  Or, did I just turn you off by the very thought of a good playful erotic spanking? = ) I find spanking very sensuous.

Spanking makes me wet.