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Sex, Sex and more Sex

Yes, it is true. Can you believe that I have callers who think I do not write enough about sex in my blog? So, I filled the title with that very special word – SEX. Now, I could also fill this article with all kinds of sexy, erotic and very naughty words…but to me, those ‘words’ are not all that sex is about. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love those words.

In my mind, sex is a very private form of communication between partners. I feel it’s private and sensual whether you are enjoying the physical touch or are experiencing the aural venue of sex with me. As you callers who speak with me know, I never share with anyone, what we share. I like to feel that your time with me is intimate, private and ours alone. I also hope I play an important role in discovering the depths of your sexual journey and help you in the acceptance of your sexual self. You do that for me. We don’t have to be involved in, or need to experience the kinkier crazy kinds of sex out there, to have the need to be accepted sexually. My hope, is that I play a role in helping you in a myriad of ways. The least of them…to help you relax, de-stress, feel sexy, know your body better, feel wanted, allow you and your fantasy to be respected, and even have you feel physically healthier when we are done.

My deepest hope is that you are left feeling we have begun a new relationship that you can count on being there for you. That does take openness, work and committment to that, from us both. With me, you will discover you haven’t called 1-800-oh baby fuck me, make me cum. I need this to be intimate. I need this to be as real as I can make it. I need this to be fun. I need that for me to fully enjoy you.

I do love what I do. I do love sex. I look forward to your calls. I do so enjoy men.

If we are more confident in sex, we are more confident in everything.

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You are everything you say you are…and more.

Comment by Mal


I am just home from a few days away, and what a sweet note from you to find on my return. 🙂 Thank you for that. You my dear, made my day. I hope we can connect again, soon.


Comment by Kris

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